Why English is a Key Skill for Students Taking BBA Thammasart University

Planning to take the BBA International Business Administration Thammasat exam? Great! Thammasat University is by far the best place for you to learn the science of modern business. The Asian academic institution produces world-class graduates every year. These students go on to dominate International business for long periods. However, the university uses aptitude test scores to judge students. That means your SAT, GSAT, IELTS, or TU-GET English proficiency test scores will impact your admission goals. Want to go to BBA Thammasart University [BBA ธรรมศาสตร์, which is the term in Thai]? If you don’t have proficient English skills, you will struggle to get in. Here’s why.

English is Necessary for International-Standard Accounting

Many accounting students take the BBA International Business Administration Thammasat exam. After all, accounting is one of the main subjects taught at Thammasat University. In this subject, students learn how to record and analyze business transactions as per current international standards. All international standards on accounting, finance, and management are written and taught in English. If you’re a young student aiming to master different accounting tools, you’ll need a strong command of the English language. Or else you won’t be able to comprehend accounting and financial information from international sources. Many of the country’s leading tax consultants, internal auditors, business executives, etc., take the BBA International Business Administration Thammasat exam. They’re also masters of the English language.

Business and English Vocabulary – The Vital Link

Whether you want to master finance or marketing – you will need strong English skills. Financial analysts or risk analysts need to be extremely efficient communicators. Anyone who plans to create value for modern businesses must speak English to connect with international audiences. The same logic applies in the field of marketing. If your English skills aren’t aligned with your target audience, you won’t be taken seriously, especially in international markets. These are the reasons why learning English should be the priority of everyone preparing for entrance exams at Thammasat University.