Here are a few products to examine each time you’re getting ready for towing a trailer. We’re not saying these are the ONLY items that you should inspect, yet they’re rather essential.

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Prior to you tow a trailer, have an assistant guarantee the trailer while you go through a test of the brake lights. Likewise, make sure your brakes are in good functioning order. When towing, you require more stopping distance, therefore, having brakes that are even slightly used can be a hazard. When you’re pulling, do not ride the brakes; if you do, then you may overheat them and/or jackknife your vehicle. When driving downhill, drive at a reduced speed, using your brakes as required.


Prevent a disaster by inspecting your cooling system. Your automobile will get warmed up by pulling an additional ton so your cooling system requires to work efficiently to securely tow. So, check the following before going out:

  • Radiator, including tubes as well as fluids
  • Thermostat and real estate
  • Water pump
  • Cooling down fan as well as its button


Check the hitch ball consistently to ensure that it hasn’t loosened up as well as is still strongly connected to the drawbar. Ensure that the coupler as well as hitch sphere fit together snugly, and make certain that any kind of tow bar utilized is parallel to the ground when the towed automobile is connected.

Each item of pulling equipment includes lugging capability restrictions. Check that the equipment you have is suitable wherefore you intend to tow.


If your trailer ends up being unhitched when you’re pulling, the only point keeping both automobiles with each other will be your second line of protection: your safety chains, which are needed.

Make certain that the chains you use suffice for everything you’re pulling. Light-duty vehicles frequently utilize 5/16-inch-thick chains, while medium-duty trucks commonly utilize half-inch thick chains, with heavy-duty trucks utilize 5/8-inch-thick chains. When selecting what thickness to use, see to it that they will help maintain the trailer from drifting, while still permitting it to transform quickly with your towing vehicle.