What is IELTS?

IELTS is amongst the most preferred English language assessment test on the planet. Annually it’s taken by over 5 million individuals intending to function as well as study in or move to English-talking countries. It’s your ticket to an amazing future.

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Which IELTS?

Need assistance determining which of the three variations of the IELTS test, such as Academic, General knowledge, or Life abilities.

IELTS Band Rating

What is an IELTS band score? Figure out how the test is racked up and what’s needed for every grade or band. See easy-to-understand tables of examples and read detailed summaries of the levels 1 to 9.

Your IELTS Score: FAQ’s

What if you don’t achieve the IELTS score you require? Discover the response to your concerns on IELTS band demands, taking back the examination and how to obtain a re-mark of your test if you feel there’s been an error.

IELTS Examination Dates

Discover test dates at an examination center near you. Over 1,200 places to select from in 130+ countries with examinations happening approximately once a week. Discover how to register, as well as what to do if you require to alter your test day or terminate it.

IELTS Examination Style

Recognize the layout of both the Academic and General Training tests. Each has four components, Creating, Analysis, Listening, Talking. Figure out details of timing, framework, assessment requirements, as well as the noting system. An indispensable aid to get ready for your exam.

IELTS Information

A choice of the topmost regularly asked concerns that don’t suit various other topics covered in this section of the site, including great deals of practical information on booking and taking your examination.

Get The Band Scores You Want

Now that you know all about the IELTS test itself, I’m most likely to show you just how to obtain the high band score you want.

On the pages awaiting you using the links below, I tell you thoroughly what the examiner will be searching for in each part of the examination.

You’ll likewise locate lessons to help you find out the skills required to accomplish top qualities, as well as technique activities to make sure that your English improves day by day.

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