Know how to relax to keep yourself and your surroundings happy

Importance of relaxing

Today’s life is stressful amid family, work, and other social obligations. It is hard to take dome time out for relaxation and be stressless. No matter how stressful our modern-day life maybe, it is very important to know how to relax ( วิธี คลาย เครียด, which is the term in Thai)to keep our minds and body healthy and happy. Just chilling and doing nothing but having a good stressless time with our near and dear ones is also a way to rejuvenate with fresh energy. One must find easy ways of relaxation to not cause any pressure of imposition. The best way to relax is to travel and to be with nature.

Easier the better

One may find some small window in a busy daily schedule for relaxing. It is better to utilize it in an easy way. Breathing is one of the easiest ways of relaxation, and it helps calm the body and mind. Mind and physique are well connected. Use the yoga mat, bed, or any soft surface and tense one part of the body and release the other. It helps in realizing how our body sensation changes. There may be many stressful thoughts in mind. Writing them down in a notebook helps in relaxing the mind and body. A good ambience outside the house will help to get rid of all the negative thoughts within us and help us to relax with all positive energy within us and around us.

Be grateful

Always one must be grateful for all the positive things that happened in life and are still happening. Visualize calm things to calm the mind and be close to nature as much as one can be. Small travel with friends or family or maybe by oneself helps a lot to be rejuvenated with new energy and happiness. Relaxation is not only for adults but also for all age groups. Parents must help their children to exercise and give them company with fun because this will encourage self-regulation and change in behaviour.