How To Properly Tow A Car

Before starting towing like slide car there are a few things to consider:

Always switch on the hazard warning lights.

If your car hinders the traffic or standing on the motorway, the first thing to do is carefully secure the danger zone.

The tow rope or bar must be designed for the weight of your vehicle.

The breakdown vehicle should also not be heavier or larger than the towing vehicle.

Take a quick look at the manual for the breakdown vehicle and see whether the manufacturer has any special instructions or advice on towing the vehicle.

As soon as these points have been checked and processed, you can start towing the vehicle. To do this, proceed as follows:

Turn the key to the first position:

If your vehicle comes to the tow hook, you must leave your car key in the ignition lock on the first step. Otherwise, the steering wheel lock could click into place.

Fastening the towing eyes:

Whether you are towing with a rope or a rod, in general, you must always fasten the towing eyes to both vehicles beforehand. To do this, screw the eyelet tightly into the device provided. This is usually located behind a small flap on the front and rear of the car.

Attach tow rope or tow bar: If you want to tow with a tow rope, attach it to the respective hook and hang it between the vehicles. However, you should only use ropes that are suitable for towing. In addition, tow ropes should never be longer than 5 meters.

When using a tow bar, follow the instructions that come with that bar. This is printed directly on many models.

Arrange communication:

After the cars are connected, you should discuss communication. Ideally, you should make phone calls during the entire towing process and keep yourself constantly up to date about turning, braking, accelerating, and any problems. If this is not possible, you should discuss gestures for communication in advance, roughly discuss the route and agree on basic behavior.

Out of gear or shift to N:

Take the gear out of a car with a manual transmission. In a car with an automatic transmission, you must move the gear lever to “N.”

Note for cars with a start button:

For vehicles that do not have an ignition lock but are equipped with a start button, you must first press the button for a few seconds. This unlocks the lock and the automatic.

Release the handbrake and drive off slowly:

After the vehicle is ready to be towed, the car key’s position and the circuit have been checked. Ideally, there is permanent communication with the towing vehicle; you can now release the handbrake and slowly start towing the vehicle.

When driving, pay close attention to the vehicle in front so that you can react quickly in an emergency and, if necessary, brake. Click on