Get to know how Leaderboard of TapTap and GetMega are Different

We have all participated in a competition where there was a leaderboard. Nowadays, leaderboards are an integral element of online games. In online games, leaderboards are a great way to stimulate rivalry, which increases the involvement of players. In its simplest form, a leaderboard is a high score listing. 

Do you know that they first got introduced when pinball machines got immensely popular? Since then, leaderboards have emerged as a key component to rank players and boost engagement and competitiveness. From the perspective of game developers, leaderboards are relatively easy to design and add to a game. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the leaderboards of TapTap and GetMega.  

Leaderboard of TapTap 

The primary purpose of the TapTap leaderboard is to show players where they rank. In short, the leaderboard of TapTap provides players with a close view of their standings when compared to their peers. TapTap has an intuitive and interactive leaderboard where players can keep a tab on their respective standings. 

One of the key highlights of the leaderboard of TapTap is its 24/7 feature. In other words, players can track their standings 24/7 easily. On the other hand, it updates its leaderboard on a periodic basis. Moreover, the platform organizes a plethora of tournaments which keeps the players engaged always. 

Do you know that the leaderboard is categorized on the basis of the players’ scores? It is worth noting here that the leaderboard of this platform is a task-based one. If a player participates in the games on this platform, they have to win the tournaments to rise in the rankings in the tournament. 

The players located at the top of the leaderboard have a better chance to win the rewards. The leaderboard of this platform is set up contextually. In simple words, the platform is established in a manner that shows the players their respective standings by category.

Leaderboard of GetMega 

One of the key highlights of GetMega is that it has 24/7 leaderboards. GetMega has a leaderboard for the card and casual games, including poker, rummy, GoPool, etc. When compared to TapTap, the leaderboards are based on both winning and task-based. In simple words, you can emerge as a top player at the GetMega leaderboard by both winning and playing various games. 

What makes the leaderboards of GetMega unique is that they are categorized on the basis of daily, weekly and monthly durations. There are various interesting things one should be aware of about the leaderboards of GetMega. For instance, while participating in the GetMega platform, rank-10 players can win the leaderboard awards. 

However, the entry to these leaderboards is both free and paid on the basis of the leaderboard you opt for. Another key aspect of the GetMega leaderboard is players can win up to 100,000 every week. Based on the leaderboard rankings, players can win prizes in the form of gadgets. From smartphones to gold coins, there are prizes galore for players participating in GetMega. 

From the discussion above, it is evident that leaderboards are an integral component of online gaming platforms. Leaderboards are important to the success of a player. They help increase the engagement level of the players and also motivate them to perform. 

Players who are slipping down the ranks can easily keep a tab on their progress. Leaderboards are common among gaming platforms as they help augment gamification players. The leaderboards of both these platforms are encouraging and allow the players to improve on the basis of their rankings. Leaderboards are ideal to instil competitiveness and passion in the players.