A Modern Art Of Combining Tanqueray Gin With Fine Dining Elements

We all live to enjoy the finest of food and drinks – well some of us really do. This is taken up seriously by the leading master chefs across the world who are constantly striving to test what drinks goes best with what food. How much of the steak should be cooked to make it perfect with that fine whiskey or which seafood goes best with a fine brand of Gin. Talking about Gin this is hugely popular among everyone as an all-time favourite. It’s delicious for the fine connoisseurs of taste with its light feeling fruity punch with every sip. Men and women enjoy this alike as a no complications drink that’s light on the nose and very appeasing to taste.

How It Came Together To Make A Fine Gin

In the 1830 Charles Tanqueray endeavoured to make a special quality of Gin that would give it an individual identity and taste that would be unique. He came up with Tanqueray which is today the famous one of a kind Gin. It was made with several herbaceous flavours derived from angelica root, liquorice, juniper and coriander, though the taste of Liquorice and Juniper stand out among other according to popular opinions. But perhaps the other ingredient turned out to be more unique – full oranges that give this drink a bold citrusy flavour. Most brands have used citrus peels instead. People find this drink best served with a few cubes of ice and a wedge of lime; however you can make your own choice and enjoy it as well.

The Best Food Options With Gin

A special drink always calls for special food. While Gin is used in combination with other drinks to make some of the best cocktails available, it is also consumed on its own with some of the finest bursts of bold flavours. This uniqueness can be enjoyed with a variety of food from across the world. There are cheese platter options, some of the best seafood like smoked salmon and prawns which tastes amazing; you can also enjoy Indian curries and some fine Thai or Japanese cuisines with this Gin as well.