4 Study Techniques To Prepare For Exams

If you’re a student, regardless of your educational level, you’ve certainly come across the dreaded assessments. Many institutions like tcas swu (tcas ม ศว which is the term in Thai) for instance select one week per two months for the tests to be carried out, and the fact that they all take place on very close dates can make it difficult to organize the studies. Here are four study techniques that can help you ensure that ten!

Each person has a study method that offers a better result, so the list is only suggestions. See below and find out which is best for you:

  1. Summary

The good old summary is very efficient in the learning process, especially written with your interpretations and comments. But, as the name implies, it must be short and can be done in threads. That way, reviewing the content becomes easier.

  1. Mind Maps

Unlike previous techniques, Mind Mapping works with visual aspects. Through images, arrows, words, and icons, the student builds a diagram. It usually consists of the main topic that is linked to parallel topics. For it to work, the information needs to be in a logical order. Otherwise, the map will be just playing information and, instead of helping with studies, it can confuse.

  1. Self-Explanation

In the self-explanatory method, the student must study the content and explain what he understood immediately afterward. If possible, without the aid of the material to understand which contents he memorized and which ones still generate doubts.

Other Points That Can Help Improve Concentration During Studies

Study Schedules

Establishing schedules for your study sessions is very important. You can plan study blocks of 25 to 30 minutes, with rest breaks.


Taking good notes helps you understand subjects better. Writing in your own words what was read can help fix the content and improve concentration.


habits Maintaining healthy habits such as sleeping well, resting, eating well, and exercising can help your study routine and improve your concentration. Your layout can be changed entirely with these changes.

Remember if! Some changes may take time, but don’t be discouraged. Don’t forget that there is a bigger goal at stake.