4 easy ways to Learn basic grammar

If you want to get a decent package in your job then you have to speak fluently in English. You know that fluency comes only if your basics are cleared. If you are a novice therefore you need to Learn basic grammar [เรียน แก รม ม่า พื้นฐาน, which is the term in Thai] in order to bring fluency in your communication skill. 

  • Read more

You have to read English books regularly to inculcate the habit of reading in English. If you find difficulties, you have to continue with the habit. Gradually, your difficulties with English words will decrease. You need to be more patient with this habit. You can read your favorite novel or magazine to develop this habit. 

  • Write more 

You should write at least one or two paragraphs in English daily to improve your grammatical skill. Along with grammar, your writing skill and the quality of your words will be improved. You can maintain a journal to develop this habit. 

  • Communicate more 

To clear the basics, you have to practice an active method. In other words, you need to communicate with others, maybe friends or relatives, to improve your spoken skills. By this, you will notice your grammar is also improving gradually. But you need to practice it without any complications.  

  • Learn from feedback 

When you try to communicate with someone else in English you will notice your mistakes yourself. You can jot down your key mistake areas and take them as a challenge to overcome. However, it is always a good practice to check your mistakes over time. This will make your habit stronger. 

Finally, to do all these things, you can take the help of online quiz platforms. You can freely access these platforms and participate in those quizzes to make your language better. 

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