Cut Nut | Vutu Kana – Barringtonia edulis

TheCut Nut, Barringtonia edulis, also known as Vutu Kana, is a medium size, evergreen, tropical, fruit bearing tree, indigenous to the humid, tropical rainforest of the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The Cut Nut grows to a typical height of 20 meters with a treetop diameter of about 5 meters.

Barringtonia edulis leaves are large, simple, pointed, generally measuring 20-65cm long and 5-20 cm wide. The upper surface of the leaf is dark green and shiny while the lower surface is somewhat paler.

The plant has stalked flowers along an elongated stem that continue to open in succession from below as the stem continues to grow. Inflorescence are 30-100 cm long drooping spikes bearing up to 150 thickly packed flower buds, placed in spirally alternate form, and varying in colors from green to white or red. The flowers are delightful puff balls, with male and female reproductive parts taking place on the same flower (bisexual).

Cut Nut Fruit

Cut Nut fruits are multiple, stalkless, and borne on a pendulous rachis. At maturity they not open to release seeds but the skin can be easily peeled off when ripe. Fruit production is estimated at 10-50 kg of fruits/tree. At 20 years of age, an yearly return estimation is 2-3 metric tones of fresh fruits per year per hectare.

Fruit is 3-10cm long and grayish green to purplish red in color. The rather flavorless fruit is eaten either raw or cooked by the Islanders. The nuts (seeds) are edible and have a tasty flavor akin to that of walnut. Nuts are consumed raw or cooked and are good source of energy.

Cut Nut Propagation Methods

Tree Propagation is by seed. The Cut Nut favors a lightly shaded location, which makes it a good companion to over-story tree species. However, at the same time, the plant’s its canopy structure allows for enough light penetration to the ground level for other crops to be inter planted below it. The plant does well in a wide range of light to heavy soils with free drainage. Barringtonia edulis is a member of the family Lecythidaceae the genus Barringtonia.

Cut Nut, Barringtonia edulis

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