Texas Walnut | Little Black Walnut – Juglans microcarpa

Texas Walnut, Juglans microcarpa, also known as Little Black Walnut and Dwarf Walnut, is a deciduous, large shrub or small, nut bearing tree, 3 to 10 meters high, which grows wild along watercourses and ravines in Texas, at altitudes ranging from 200 meters to 2000 meters. Texas Walnut has a single or multiple trunk with spreading low branches and a trunk with gray to dark brown bark, which turns deeply fissures with age. It is an indigenous plant to Texas, U.S and south to north-eastern Mexico.

Juglans microcarpa leaves are pinnately compound with 7-25 to finely toothed leaflets, each 1 to1.5 cm wide. They are dark yellow to dull green and with the lower surface slightly paler. Flowers are born in May and have individual male and female flowers. Male flowers or catkins are yellow-green and attached to last years twigs. Female flowers are small, yellow-green and are sited on the ends of branches in small clustering which appear in spring with leaves on new growth.

Texas Walnut Nuts

The fruit is clear in October and May be single or 2 to 3 in a bunch. Fruit shape is spherical with a 2.8 to 3.2 cm in diameter and with a thin brown hairy casing. They are the smallest nuts of all the Juglans species. Nut meat is nutritious and of high quality. The Walnuts can be stored for long periods of time at low temperatures of 3 to 4 °C.

Texas Walnut Propagation Methods

Tree Propagation is by seed and it is the recommended way to produce Texas walnut seedlings. Seedlings will need to be planned in well-drained, deep soil and sheltered from browsing animals. Once seedlings are established, young plants normally grow rapidly. Little walnut trees will first bear nuts at around 15 years of age with copious nut crops being produced at irregular time intervals.

Texas Walnut, Juglans microcarpa

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